It's a powerful system

Two battery pack (134 kWh)
Three battery pack (202 kWh)

Battery modules with 680 VDC peak working voltage. Max 324 Ah of battery capacity.

Mobile Stackable Units

Our mobile stackable battery units are practical and flexible power solutions that offer convenience and efficiency in various settings during rig operation. These units are designed to be easily movable, allowing for effortless relocation/swapping and reconfiguration as needs change. With their stackable design, they maximize vertical storage space, making the most of limited areas.

Onboard Electrical System

Reliable and well-designed onboard electrical system ensures the proper functioning of essential equipment, enhances safety, and provides a comfortable and functional environment for occupants or crew members.

Compatible with up to 4 chargers

At a remote location or connected to a generator, the mobile battery unit can handle up to 4 chargers supplying from 25 kW to 100 kW to the battery units. Using all 4 chargers will allow for less than 1.5 hours of recharge time.